Thematic collections

Our collections represent the trend of thematic collections extraordinarily rare on the Polish market. An assemblage which is skilfully built from the very moment of its coming into existence increases both aesthetic and market value of works of art it is composed of.

Every time we create the succeding collections according to the rules specified jointly by the eminent figures representing numerous disciplines: theory and history of fine arts, economy, mass media, interior architecture, psychology, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, ethnology etc. As a consequence, the collections contain the deep meaning, not only of aesthetic nature.

Each series of paintings is a beautiful, emotional and financially secure investment not only for investors and institutions but also for the whole community. As to our collections, public relations activity starts off at the moment we define the contest´s topic. The sooner you join us – as  an artist, jury member, contest partner or purchaser of the collection – the earlier you achieve the image benefits from it. Being the patron of the arts you can also realize the idea of social responsibility in business.

Our mission

Society – to help people to understand the contemporary art by arranging what is scattered in coherent narrations and going out of the hermetic art world language.

Investors – to guarantee more confidence while purchasing the works of art, due to making the recommendation for them by the group of experts in different disciplines.

Artists – to give the possibility of joining their forces within the frames of collections which are extraordinarily attractive as far as Polish and foreing markets are concerned.

Authorities in different fields of the Science and the Arts – to create the possibility of dialogue on neutral ground and of composing the collections which characterize our times.

Poland – to establish new places of work for artists and people associated with fine arts as well as to create new export product of great market and aesthetic value.

The idea of the Contest

We build the thematic collections in such a way that guarantees the highest quality of paintings as well as the possibly greatest objectivity of recommendation. The choices are made by means of conducting independent thematic contests which enable us to get to the large number of artists, even those just entering the art world.

The interesting and important topic of the contest is always formulated as a result of discussions involving experts in different disciplines. Independent Jury chooses the best works of art on the grounds of objective, diversified and based on many factors estimation of their artisic and market potential.

For investors

Investment in contemporary art is an excellent long-term deposit, secure from forgery and possibly yielding multiple profits. Additionally, it becomes the ideal „emotional dividend”, an immaterial benefit as the source of satisfaction and the sense of prestige. The problem arises from  the fact that in the global village, as we can see it today, we meet hundreds of artists and thousands of works of art. It is hard to find and choose the paintings of really great value. Is the assistance of one expert or an art gallery the sufficient recommendation? Especially, when an adviser is at the same time a seller?

For the reasons mentioned above we organize independent contests with its topics exactly matched to the following collections. The pearls composing our collections are obtained at the moment they are the cheapest, got directly from the artists who just start to work their ways up. The choices of the best paintings are made by means of carrying out the independent contests and, what is important, any recommendation for the purchase does not originate from single person, like a custodian or the owner of the art gallery. Besides, the collection is not a property of any person who choose it.

Recommendation following careful consideration as well as the favourable market price guarantee the objectively highest rate of return. You do not have to visit art galleries, markets or auction houses and seek after the individual names or paintings. They can be found at one place at the same moment, and what is more, speaking in a loud voice on the common subject.

Purchasing of works of art was never before so convenient and secure from dilemmas whether we bet on the right artist/work.